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ELSO Registry Data Entry: Frequently Asked Questions

Our frequently asked questions (FAQ) list provides guidance around ICD-10 diagnoses codes, missing data, equipment lists, second runs and more. This may help you enter information into the ELSO Registry of patient data. If you have questions that aren’t on this list, contact us .

Q:    I can't find the ICD-10 code for the diagnoses I need on the code sheets. What should I do?
A:    Any valid ICD-10 or CPT code can be used. The ones listed on the code sheets are some of the more common ones, but obviously we can't list all codes. There are books available that list every code. You might find that your billing office can help you find the code if you are unable to.

Q:    Can I submit the form without an outcome or with missing data?
A:    Yes. Forms with missing data can be updated at a later date. We realize it sometimes takes a long time for some patients to be discharged and all you will need to do is update the form and send it back.

Q:    The equipment we use is not on your list, what should we do?
A:    Notify ELSO so we can update our list.

Q:    Our patient had a second run, do I need to have an outcome for the first run?
A:    Yes. The first run should have the 'Recovery' field checked. With the new system we will now be computing outcome based on the value of the highest run number.

Q:    Our patient died 4 days after ECLS was stopped. What do I check?
A:    Because the patient was alive after discontinuing ECLS you should check Recovery but fill in the date / time of death field. When computing outcome we will be checking a variety of fields to determine the actual outcome. If a patient was alive when they discontinued ECLS but it was withdrawn with the assumption the patient would not survive then check the 'Died on ECLS, or ECLS withdrawn'. We added the text ', or ECLS withdrawn' after the "Died on ECLS" shortly after the forms were sent out. That was the only change we have made since the February mailing of the new registry forms.