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ELSO Conference Committee for the ELSO Annual Meeting

The ELSO Conference Committee strives to create an educational, innovative and clinically impactful Annual Conference.

The Conference Committee is an interprofessional committee comprised of the specialty groups involved in the management of ECMO-supported patients.

General Responsibilities:All committee members participate in conference development and planning and seek to promote Conference Committee’s goals by:

  • Actively advancing in conference planning and session development
  • Participating in regular phone conferences and timely communication with committee members.
  • Maintaining familiarity with ongoing ECMO research and publications
  • Maintaining adaptability in meeting conference planning needs

Conference Scientific Advisors

The Scientific Advisor committee is comprised of a global group of individuals with extensive experience in ECMO research and patient management, offering high-level input into conference development in consultation with the Conference Committee Chair.


2023 Committee:


Agerstrand Cara,MD, Chair
Andrea M Elliott,MD
Anil Trindade,MD
Bernadette Elliott,RN
Bob Bartlett,
Dan Brodie,MD
Darryl Abrams,MD
David Furfaro,MD
Deshpande Shriprasad,MD
Eddy Fan,MD
Elizabeth Moore,RN, MBA
Erin August,RN
Graeme Maclaren, MBBS
Heidi Dalton,MD
Hussein Kanji,MD
Jenelle Badulak,MD
Jonathan Haft,MD
Justin Sleasman,CCP
Karol Mudy,MD
Kasia Hryniewicz,MD
Lakshmi Raman,MD
Matt Paden,MD
Mauer Biscotti,MD
Melania Bembea,MD, PhD
Mike McMullan,MD
Mullin Dana Apsel,CCP
Natalie Rintoul,MD
Peta Alexander,MBBS
Phillip Mason,MD
Reshad Garan,MD
Roberto Lorusso,MD, PhD
Ryan Barbaro,MD
Thiagarajan Ravi,MD

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