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ELSO Registry Form: Heat Exchanger Equipment List

View a list of heat exchanger equipment used in ECMO and ECLS and sort it by heat exchanger ID, description and model number. This information is useful when entering data in the ELSO patient registry.

ELSO Registry Form Heat Exchangers

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HeatExchangerID   Description   Model Number   Manufacturer   M. ID  
505 Alung Devices: Integrated   Alung 904
407 Dideco D720 D720 Livanova 106
503 Eurosets Devices: Integrated   Eurosets 903
513 Lifemotion disposable ECMO set   Lifemotion 935
501 Maquet/Getinge Quadrox iD: Integrated   Getinge 134
110 Medtronic BIOtherm BIOtherm Medtronic Cardiopulmonary/DLP 104
510 Medtronic Devices: Integrated   Medtronic Cardiopulmonary/DLP 104
109 Medtronic ECMOtherm II ECMOtherm II Medtronic Cardiopulmonary/DLP 104
512 Nautilus: Integrated   MC3 (distributed by Medtronic) 135
504 Nipro Devices: Integrated   Nipro 905
901 Other   Other 900
507 Paragon Devices: Integrated   Paragon 909
410 Senko HHE 0.4   Senko/Mera 119
509 Sorin/Livanova Devices: Integrated   Livanova 106
508 Terumo Devices: Integrated Capiox Terumo 146