Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation | ECMO | ECLS

ELSO Research Committee


To support ELSO’s mission to advance the field of extracorporeal life support (ECLS) by supporting high quality research.

  • Coordinate ELSO-sponsored or managed multicenter trials, regarding data collection, study evaluation, and reporting
  • Coordinate applications for grants and/or projects on behalf of ELSO and its centers participating in cooperative studies
  • Liaison for Research requests from non-ELSO organizations for cooperative studies utilizing ELSO data
  • Maintain a copy of all Registry related abstracts and manuscripts submitted for publication
  • Maintain bibliography of publications based in whole or part on Registry data


  1. Develop a roadmap on research governance, funding/infrastructure development, and strategic partnerships for ELSO
  2. Assess and develop specific research priorities for ECLS across neonatal, pediatric, and adult populations
  3. Develop a series of research webinars to support research at active centers as well as for the broader medical community