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Following the formation of Euro-ELSO and success of their first meeting, a group of ECMO Directors in the Asia-Pacific region decided to form a comparable Chapter in the Far East and Oceania. A preliminary meeting took place in Melbourne, July 2012, hosted by Dr Vin Pellegrino from the Alfred Hospital, Melbourne, and Dr Steve Conrad, then the Chair of the main ELSO Steering Committee. Sixteen representatives from ECMO centers in the region attended. There was unanimous agreement about the value of establishing the Chapter. ELSO sent ballots to the Asia-Pacific ELSO Directors and the main Steering Committee was formed.


Current APELSO Steering Committee Members


APELSO Steering Committee Members 2018



Shingo Ichiba (Japan)


Past Chair

John Fraser (Australia)


Conference Committee Chair



Education Co-Chairs

Simon Sin Wai Ching (Hong Kong)

Peter Lai (Hong Kong)



Adrian C Mattke (Australia)

Eva Marwali (Indonesia)

Hui Mok (Singapore)

Hwa Jin Cho (South Korea)

Jae-Seung Jung (South Korea)

Shay McGuinness (New Zealand)

Naoki Shimizu  (Japan)

Xiaotong Hou (China)

Chih-Hsien Wang (Taiwan, China)

Toshiyuki Aokage (Japan)

Yuji Fujino (Japan)

Pranya Sakiyalak (Thailand)

Jacky Suen (Australia)



Non-voting members

Warwick Butt, FELSO (Treasurer) 

Sharon Rankin (Secretariat) ​